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I’m a journalist, writer and language educator based in the Twin Cities.

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About Madi McVan

Madi McVan covers the meat industry for Investigate Midwest. She graduated from the University of Missouri in 2020 with degrees in Journalism and Latin American Studies.

Before joining Investigate Midwest, she worked for the Columbia Missourian and Missouri Info Corps, covering topics including state and local government, meatpacking plants and the coronavirus pandemic.

She is fluent in Spanish and teaches English in her free time. Originally from Pflugerville, Texas, she is now based in the Twin Cities.

University of Missouri

Bachelor of Journalism (2020)
Emphasis in print/digital investigative reporting

Bachelor of Arts, International Studies (2020)
Emphasis in Latin American Studies


• AP Style
• Adobe Suite
• Content Management Systems
• Copywriting
• Editing text, audio & video
• Interviewing
• Promotional online content
• News reporting
• Spanish (fluent)
• SocialNewsDesk

Pain Denied

At one of the country’s largest meatpacking plants, workers say their injuries were ignored.

I spent six months interviewing former and current employees of Seaboard Foods, one of the largest and most productive meat processing plants in the country.

I also reviewed OSHA and Workers’ comp documents. Here are the major takeaways from the investigation:

  • Employees with serious injuries said they were only provided first aid treatment. One man was given ice and painkillers for what he later discovered was a fractured vertebrae and elbow contusion. He had to return to the production floor.

  • Employees said that the company ignored doctors’ notes requesting restricted work or time off, and that they were pushed to work through injuries.

  • The number of injuries reported at Seaboard Foods increased from 2019 to 2020 when the company increased the speed of production. And the union suspects the injury numbers submitted by the company to federal authorities are lower than reality.

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Photo credit: Madison McVan, Investigate Midwest

Missouri State Capitol

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I studied abroad for a semester in 2018 at Universidad de Los Andes in Santiago, Chile. In 2019, massive protests led to a referendum on the country’s constitution. I interviewed Instagram influencers and protesters to write this story on the role of social media in the unrest.

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